The Project

Quinta das Queimas is a family project started in 2018 but based on a long agricultural and viticultural tradition in quintas around Santa Ovaia de Cima, Tondela. These quintas were recently inherited by the sisters Cristina and Graça Videira Lopes, and total around 30 hectares of vineyard and 10 hectares of woodland. Our project consists in preserving as much as possible the good traditional practices of sustainable viticulture, leading to the creation of authentic and varied wines that reflect the indominable spirit of the people and places of this region.

The Symbol

Near the quinta that is the namesake of our project, Quinta das Queimas, there is a very old stone mark of unknown origin, with two opposing spirals carved in it. This symbol can also be found in Pedra Formosa da Citânia de Besteiros. It is entirely possible that this mark has Celtic origin. Our Quinta das Queimas is located near Castro de Nandufe, and through the years, many pre-Roman artifacts, such as millstones and cutting instruments, have been found. For us, this mark, and its double-spiral, are a link with all the past generations who have worked and benefited from these excellent terroirs. 

The Team
Cristina Videira Lopes

With a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Science, Cristina is a Professor at the University of California, Irvine, where she lives for several decades. She brings to the project the entrepreneurial spirit from California, and experience with tech startups.

Graça Videira
Graça Videira Lopes

With a Bachelors in Languages and a PhD in Medieval Literature, Graça is a retired Professor in the Institute for Medieval Studies in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She brings to the project an unmatched historical vision.

João Oliveira, Winemaker

Vines and Wines

António Órfão, feitor
Hugo Esteves, Viticulture

Vines and Wines

Antonio 2
António Órfão, General Manager

Having worked in the United States for a few years, António came back to Portugal in the 1980s, and, since then, has worked for House Videira. He is the General Manager for over 20 years. António brings a long experience in the field, and a profound knowledge of the places and people in the area.